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Beef Patty 牛牛肉餅仔 【FIRE 火 - Heart 心】 - Fresh Meal for Dogs 狗狗鮮食主食

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Beef Patty 牛牛肉餅仔 【FIRE 火 - Heart 心】 - Fresh Meal for Dogs 狗狗鮮食主食 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Product 商品介紹

Beef Patty - Fresh Meal for Dogs

【 FIRE 火 - Heart 心 】

牛牛肉餅仔 - 狗狗鮮食主食

PPB Dog.png

Human-Grade Ingredient & Food Processing Standards 人類食用等級食材和製作流程

Formulated and Approved by U.S. Veterinarian and Nutritionist 美國獸醫和營養師調配配方

Natural Well-being Improvement with Five Elements of Chinese Medicine 中醫五行食療養生

No Preservatives and Additives 無添加物和防腐劑

Hypoallergenic and Grain-Free 低敏無穀物

Single Main Protein Source 單一主蛋白質來源

100% Hand-made in Hong Kong 純香港手工製造

Each Meal Cooked Separately 每餐獨立用心烹調

Freshly Made to Order 新鮮準備特製餐點

Charity & Social Responsibility 慈善與社會責任 

Nutrition Label 營養標籤

1 Mini Beef Patty
1 Beef Patty
1 Large Beef Patty

*Although we try to be as precise as possible, please kindly know that 5% variation would be typically normal.  


Suggested Feeding Guide 建議份量


According to the activity levels of most dogs in Hong Kong, we would suggest the following feeding guide. As activity levels and health conditions differ, please make appropriate adjustments in response to the changes in weight and waistline.

# of regular patties per meal*
Daily feeding frequency 
under 2
1/2 (1 mini)
2  (1 large)
3  (1 regular, 1 large)
4  (2 large)
5  (1 regular, 2 large)
6  (3 large)
7  (1 regular, 3 large)

*Suggested feeding guide. Please pay attention to any changes in weight or waistline and adjust feeding portions accordingly. We have double-portion patties for sale for environmental protection purpose and for your convenience.


2 以下
1/2 (1迷你)
4-82 (1大)
8-133 (1大 1小)
13-184 (2大)
5 (2大 1小)
6 (3大)
30-367 (3大 1小)


Ingredients 成份

*Please select "customized" in addition to your order when you check out if you would like us to avoid some of the ingredients for one-week+ orders.  Please know that we will not be able to customize for any orders for fewer than 14 patties.



Beef: Containing plenty of sarcosine, protein, carnitine, vitamins B6 and B12; also rich in iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium, effectively improving immunity and enhancing muscle tone and strength.

Sweet Potato: Rich in fiber, vitamins C, B6, ß-carotene, manganese; naturally inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, enhancing immunity and maintaining heart health.

Yam: Rich in protein, vitamins B complex, C, K and more than 9 kinds of amino acids, amylase, polyphenol oxidase and other substances. In particular, it contains saponin, mucus and mucus protein, which have outstanding health benefits, such as nourishing blood, adjusting vitality, preventing eczema, promoting healthy growth and well-being.

Olive Oil: Rich in antioxidants, monounsaturated fats; containing vitamin E, omega-3 and healthy fats; may improve joint and muscle health, prevent cancer, avoid health issues, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, brighten coat, protect the skin and relieve constipation.

Flaxseed Oil: High in omega-3 fatty acids, a great alternative to fish oil; reducing inflammation, cancer cell growth, allergic reactions and joint pain; benefiting heart health, skin health and brain health.

Egg: High in protein; containing vitamins A, D, B12, calcium, iron and magnesium; may keep coat shiny and silky, promote muscle growth and repair cell tissues; containing riboflavin, which may reduce gastrointestinal digestion issues.

Broccoli: Rich in vitamins C, K, A, folate, manganese and fiber; a low-calorie and high-antioxidant food with anti-cancer benefits.

Carrot: Containing a large amount of ß-carotene, vitamin A, fiber and anti-oxidants; supporting liver and vision health, enhancing immune system and bowel movement, maintaining silky and shiny coat and lowering the risk of cancers.

Green Pea: Low in calories; excellent source of protein, carbs, fiber and anti-oxidants; containing many nutrients, including vitamins, A, K, C, thiamine, folate, manganese, iron and phosphorus; supporting healthy blood sugar control and digestion system; may be protective against cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Tomato: Rich in carotenoids, lycopene, vitamins C and B complex, and is rich in minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, sodium and iodine. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that protects your pet's body from other free radicals and reduce the incidences of pet cardiovascular disease and hardening of blood vessels.

Apple: Rich in dietary fiber, vitamins A, C, calcium and pectin, which may improve the digestion and absorption abilities.

Red Bell Pepper: Rich in lycopene and capsanthin and containing vitamins C, E, A, B6, K1, ß-carotene, iron, potassium, folate, etc.; may improve immunity, offer powerful anti-oxidant and fight against cancer.

Mussel: Containing protein, various vitamins and micronutrients, and rich in natural glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), glucosamine and eicosapentaenoic acid (ETAS). ETAS as an OMEGA-3 fatty acid, can effectively reduce inflammation. Glucosamine may stimulate the formation and repair of cartilage, may prevent it from rupturing, may help the body produce more GAGs and may keep joints lubricated.

Black & White Sesame Seed: High in calcium (calcium content is 10 times more than the one in fresh milk); containing dietary fiber, iron, vitamins E, B complex, various minerals and anti-oxidants; supporting immune system, blood sugar control, blood cell formation, healthy bones; reducing inflammation and soothing arthritic pain; rich in linoleic acid with benefits for dog skin and hair growth.

Flaxseed: Rich in w-3 fatty acids, which may enhance cancer treatment effects and maintain immunity health; containing fatty acids, which may prevent high blood lipids, high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia issues.

Eggshell Powder: Natural ingredient with high calcium and low phosphorus, enabling dogs to maintain proper balance between calcium and phosphorus and to absorb nutrients efficiently.

(Please note that pictures are for illustrative purpose only and kindly understand that ingredients may be replaced for seasonal food.)









青豆:熱量低, 並為蛋白質、碳水化合物、纖維和抗氧化劑的極佳來源;包含許多營養素,包括維生素A、K、C、硫胺素、葉酸、錳、鐵和磷;支持健康的血糖控制和消化系統;可做為預防癌症、心臟病和糖尿病的健康食療的一部份。


蘋果:富含膳食纖維,維生素A、 C和鈣,果膠能提高狗狗的消化吸收能力。


青口:富含天然糖胺聚糖群(GAGs)、葡萄糖胺、 二十碳四烯酸(ETAS),ETAS作為一種OMEGA-3脂肪酸,可以有效減少炎症。葡萄糖胺有助刺激軟骨的形成和修復並防止其破裂,幫助身體產生更多GAGs,令關節保持潤滑。另外也含有蛋白質,各種維生素和微量元素。

黑芝麻 & 白芝麻:高鈣(鈣含量是新鮮牛奶中鈣的10倍);含有食物纖維、鐵質、維生素E、B群、多種礦物質和抗氧化劑;支持免疫系統,血糖控制,血細胞形成,骨骼健康;減輕炎症和緩解關節炎疼痛;富含亞油酸,對狗的皮膚和頭髮的生長有益。




Fresh Meal 101 關於鮮食


[ Fresh Meal 101 ]

What’s so good about fresh meals?

There have been numerous articles on how foods in their original forms are so much better than processed foods as nutrients are often lost in the process.  In addition, most processed foods contain additives that do not offer any health or nutritional benefits and may even cause various allergic reactions or other health issues. Just like humans, if pets are given the choice, they should always pick the healthier option. After switching to fresh meals, most pawrents may notice the following positive changes in their furry babies.

     - Lighter body odor

     - Well-formed stool with less odor

     - Shinier coat

     - Improved tear stain issues

     - No more allergic reactions

     - Toner and better body shape with stronger muscles

     - Higher energy levels with fewer health problems

Why keep focusing on hypoallergic?

If we may easily notice most of the obvious allergic reactions such as skin rashes, itchiness, vomiting and diarrhea, we may be able to identify and avoid any possible food, medicine or environmental allergens for our furry babies. However, if the allergic reactions are too mild to be noticed, the risks of exposing our loved ones to allergens increase. That is, their bodies are constantly inflamed, and unfortunately, studies show that chronic inflammation may be one of the causes of various diseases, including cancers, heart disease, diabetes and more. Therefore, we believe keeping foods as hypoallergic as possible is essential. 

What’s wrong with kibbles and canned food?

Kibbles and canned food are convenient choices, but there is a couple of main issues with low-quality commercial dog food: 1) additives, chemicals, fillers and preservatives, which may damage pets’ health in the long-run and may sometimes be cancerous, are in commercial food to stabilize the “wholesome” formula and to increase shelf life; 2) by-products and unwanted meat scraps are used in order to lower costs.

Why not raw?

Some might question that since dogs and cats are hunters in their primary environments, why we cannot feed them raw. There are many health benefits eating raw, but there are two main reasons that keep us staying cautious: 1) nutrient deficiencies: while there are no enough studies on this, we should note that dogs and cats living in the wild experience significantly lower life expectancy, and nutrient deficiencies may be one of the main reasons; 2) bacteria, virus and parasite infections: infections may not only put pets’ health at risk but may also pass onto other family members, especially for families with children.

Doesn’t cooking cause loss of nutrients?

Pet Pet Belly is the first and only fresh pet food company that prepares and cooks each meal separately. We use individual containers to steam and make sure that all juices from the cooking process go to your loved ones’ bellies. While the food processing temperature of steaming is relatively lower, we time the process so that the meals are just slightly cooked. All steps are carefully managed as we are determined to provide the best for your furry babies.

Why can’t we cook ourselves?

Of course you can, and we believe cooking for your loved ones would be a very enjoyable process that is full of love! However, if you would like to prepare fresh meals with enough nutrients, the process requires professional help in the beginning and is extremely time consuming to carry out every day. Thus, we are here to help get healthy and tasty meals prepared so that you may give the best to your babies easily in your busy schedules.

[ 關於鮮食 ]



     - 體味減少

     - 便便成型且臭味較少

     - 毛髮有光澤

     - 淚痕問題改善

     - 敏感問題改善

     - 肌肉體態改善

     - 較有精力少病痛






很多朋友會既然貓狗是天生的獵食者,為什麼我們不餵食生肉。生肉飲食有很多好處,但現實上面臨2個重要的問題:1)營養不夠均勻:請注意野生自行捕食的貓狗多數壽命遠比飼養的貓狗短,當中營養不夠均勻為一大原因;2)細菌、病毒和寄生蟲感染:感染不單可能造成貓狗健康的風險,更可能因為排泄物傳染給其他家人尤其是有小孩的家庭 。





About PPB Patties 關於肉餅仔


[ About PPB Patties ]

What is the juice in the package if there is no water added while preparing fresh meal patties?

Most ingredients in their raw form are approximately 70% made of water, which may carry some nutrients out during the cooking process. For that reason, we insist to cook each meal separately and keep all nutrients in both solid and liquid forms while we pack. Besides all the health benefits mentioned, our fresh meal patties also help decrease the chances of having diseases that are associated dehydration.

Why does each fresh meal formula contain only one type of meat?

Considering some dogs are allergic to certain ingredients, we purposely isolate each animal protein source so that you may always find patties that are suitable for your babies, and at the same time, patties may be digested more easily. Since each formula contains ingredients with different nutrients and health benefits, we suggest that pawrents alternate various formulas from time to time.

Why are fresh meal patties grain-free? Do they have all necessary nutrients?

Grains are one the most common ingredients that dogs are allergic to. Especially for dogs over 5 years old, it becomes harder to digest some of the carbohydrate-rich food, and the chances to be allergic to grains also increase. Therefore, although there are many great dietary values in grains, we would like to stick to our belief of hypoallergic diet, which is an essential part of the lifestyle to prevent chronic inflammation. In order to have a wholesome mix of each formula, we replace grains with seeds, root vegetables and/or beans that also offer outstanding nutritional benefits.

Why are the ingredients of fresh meal patties cut in small pieces but not mashed?

We understand everyone is unique, but it is more than common that furry babies may be picky eaters or may simply wolf down. In order to ensure all healthy ingredients go into their bellies and to avoid ingestion due to lack of enough chewing, we chop fruits and vegetables into small pieces and mix them with ground meat into patties. As mincing some fruits and vegetables may cause loss of nutrients and fibers that are important in dogs’ wholesome diet, PPB team would rather spend more time to process each ingredient separately and differently instead of mashing everything all at once. Furthermore, while tooth brushing is always important regardless what type of food is fed, we would still like to make sure that all furry babies are given the chance to maintain or develop a good chewing habit.

[ Other FAQ ]

How to switch to fresh food?

Some dogs experience stomach disturbance during the transition from commercial food to fresh food. To avoid any major discomfort, we suggest pawrents to follow the following 20-day transition guideline for fresh meal patties. For those with more sensitive stomachs, please slow down the process. 

Current : PPB Patties
Days 1-54 : 1
Days 6-103 : 2
Days 11-152 : 3
Days 16-201 : 4

Why do I notice softer or loose stool?

It is normal to experience softer or even loose stool in the transition period from commercial food to all-natural fresh food. The detoxing reactions will typically go away within 3 weeks, and you will see noticeable positive and healthy changes in your furry babies in 1-2 months.

What should I do if my babies don’t like PPB’s fresh food?

Thanks to our Chief QC Officer’s hard work, we are very confident that there is a great balance between nutrients and taste in our collections. However, we understand that it might be difficult for some furry babies that have never tasted anything other than commercial food, which often contains sodium and other flavorings. In such case, we would recommend extending the transition mentioned above, so that your babies may have more time to get used to and to fall in love with our healthy and delicious food. 

In any case, scheduled feeding should be adapted for both dogs and cats. If meals are not consumed with 15 minutes, pawrents should take the meals away and feed again at the next scheduled feeding time. In the long run, scheduled feeding develops better eating habits, and it will be easier for pawrents to identify any changes in babies’ eating habits.

[ 關於肉餅仔 ]

寵腩肉餅仔(狗) 沒加水,那包裝里的汁是什麼?


為什麼寵腩肉餅仔(狗) 每一個配方只有一種主要肉類?


為什麼寵腩肉餅仔(狗) 的配方不含穀物?這樣營養夠均衡嗎?

為什麼使用寵腩肉餅仔(狗) 系列的食材切得很小塊但不磨成泥?


[ 其他常見問 ]



目前飲食 : 寵腩仔鮮食
第 1-5 日4  :  1
第 6-10 日3  :  2
第 11-15 日2  :  3
第 16-20 日1  :  4





Storage & Reheat 保存和加熱


How long are patties good for?

Fresh meal patties are frozen and delivered directly to you via professional cold chain service. Please store them in freezer and consume by the expiration date (30 days after manufacture date) labelled on the package. Please defrost in refrigerator the night before serving and consume within 48 hours. Please avoid from refreezing after defrost.

How do I reheat patties?

Please defrost in refrigerator the night before serving and follow one of the reheat methods below. Please note that heating time may vary.

A. Hot water (recommended): Place fresh meal in its original package into slightly boiling water for 40 seconds or into hot water for 2-3 minutes.  

B. Microwave: Tear the package slightly and heat at high power for 20 seconds. (Packaging materials are microwavable food grade approved by FDA (U.S.).)

C. Place in room temperature for 20-30 minutes. Meals are fresh food without preservatives and should not be kept in room temperature for more than 90 minutes.




食用前一晚請放置於雪櫃解凍。建議使用以下方法食用 (請注意加熱時間或需調整):

A.  熱水加熱 (推薦) :將真空袋直接放入微滾熱水內40秒,或用熱水浸2-3分鐘即可食用。

B.  微波爐加熱:將鮮食包稍撕開少許,以高溫加熱20秒即可食用。 (包裝袋為美國FDA認可可加熱食品質材)

C.  食用前放於室溫20-30分鐘。鮮食為無添加之新鮮食品,請勿放置於室溫超過90分鐘。

Purchase & Shipping 訂購及送貨


About Purchase

If you would like to cancel an order, please contact us within 24 hours after your order is paid via WhatsApp. You may use the store credit to make a purchase within 1 week or receive refund less 5% administration fees.

If, in extreme cases, we are unable to fulfill your purchase, we would contact you to exchange for other products or to arrange for full refund.

About Shipping

We typically prepare and ship out an order 5-7 business days after the order is paid in full.

Pick-up: Please contact us via WhatsApp for pick-up arrangement and kindly note there will be preparation time as mentioned above.

     - Pick-up hours: Monday to Friday 11am – 5pm (public holiday closed)

     - Pick-up address: Suite 9-A1, Golden Dragon Industrial Centre Block 1, 152-160 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Fong

Delivery arrangement:

     - Frozen products will be shipped via professional cold chain or real time delivery service providers to ensure food quality and safety.

     - Other products will be shipped by SF Express, or the equivalent, and will typically be delivered within 1-2 business days.

Standard delivery service covers Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories and some outlying islands which includes Tung Chung, Discovery Bay and Ma Wan. Please visit SF Express’ website for coverage information.

Please kindly understand that we will do our best to communicate with the logistics companies but are unable to guarantee the exact delivery time.






可於訂購時選擇自取。請WhatsApp聯繫安排取貨並請注意上述的準備時間 。

     - 自取時間:非法定假日之星期一至五,上午11點至下午5點

     - 自取地址:葵涌大連排道152-160號金龍工業中心第一座9樓A1室


     - 冷凍食品 - 將通過專業的冷鍊或實時運送快遞公司進行運輸,以確保食品質量和安全。 

     - 非冷凍食品 - 順豐或同類快遞公司標準快件 :



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