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Fresh Meal 101 關於鮮食


[ Fresh Meal 101 ]

What’s so good about fresh meals?

There have been numerous articles on how foods in their original forms are so much better than processed foods as nutrients are often lost in the process.  In addition, most processed foods contain additives that do not offer any health or nutritional benefits and may even cause various allergic reactions or other health issues. Just like humans, if pets are given the choice, they should always pick the healthier option. After switching to fresh meals, most pawrents may notice the following positive changes in their furry babies.

     - Lighter body odor

     - Well-formed stool with less odor

     - Shinier coat

     - Improved tear stain issues

     - No more allergic reactions

     - Toner and better body shape with stronger muscles

     - Higher energy levels with fewer health problems

Why keep focusing on hypoallergic?

If we may easily notice most of the obvious allergic reactions such as skin rashes, itchiness, vomiting and diarrhea, we may be able to identify and avoid any possible food, medicine or environmental allergens for our furry babies. However, if the allergic reactions are too mild to be noticed, the risks of exposing our loved ones to allergens increase. That is, their bodies are constantly inflamed, and unfortunately, studies show that chronic inflammation may be one of the causes of various diseases, including cancers, heart disease, diabetes and more. Therefore, we believe keeping foods as hypoallergic as possible is essential. 

What’s wrong with kibbles and canned food?

Kibbles and canned food are convenient choices, but there is a couple of main issues with low-quality commercial dog food: 1) additives, chemicals, fillers and preservatives, which may damage pets’ health in the long-run and may sometimes be cancerous, are in commercial food to stabilize the “wholesome” formula and to increase shelf life; 2) by-products and unwanted meat scraps are used in order to lower costs.

Why not raw?

Some might question that since dogs and cats are hunters in their primary environments, why we cannot feed them raw. There are many health benefits eating raw, but there are two main reasons that keep us staying cautious: 1) nutrient deficiencies: while there are no enough studies on this, we should note that dogs and cats living in the wild experience significantly lower life expectancy, and nutrient deficiencies may be one of the main reasons; 2) bacteria, virus and parasite infections: infections may not only put pets’ health at risk but may also pass onto other family members, especially for families with children.

Doesn’t cooking cause loss of nutrients?

Pet Pet Belly is the first and only fresh pet food company that prepares and cooks each meal separately. We use individual containers to steam and make sure that all juices from the cooking process go to your loved ones’ bellies. While the food processing temperature of steaming is relatively lower, we time the process so that the meals are just slightly cooked. All steps are carefully managed as we are determined to provide the best for your furry babies.

Why can’t we cook ourselves?

Of course you can, and we believe cooking for your loved ones would be a very enjoyable process that is full of love! However, if you would like to prepare fresh meals with enough nutrients, the process requires professional help in the beginning and is extremely time consuming to carry out every day. Thus, we are here to help get healthy and tasty meals prepared so that you may give the best to your babies easily in your busy schedules.

[ 關於鮮食 ]



     - 體味減少

     - 便便成型且臭味較少

     - 毛髮有光澤

     - 淚痕問題改善

     - 敏感問題改善

     - 肌肉體態改善

     - 較有精力少病痛






很多朋友會既然貓狗是天生的獵食者,為什麼我們不餵食生肉。生肉飲食有很多好處,但現實上面臨2個重要的問題:1)營養不夠均勻:請注意野生自行捕食的貓狗多數壽命遠比飼養的貓狗短,當中營養不夠均勻為一大原因;2)細菌、病毒和寄生蟲感染:感染不單可能造成貓狗健康的風險,更可能因為排泄物傳染給其他家人尤其是有小孩的家庭 。





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