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Patty FAQ 肉餅仔常見問題


[ About PPB Patties ]

What is the juice in the package if there is no water added while preparing fresh meal patties?

Most ingredients in their raw form are approximately 70% made of water, which may carry some nutrients out during the cooking process. For that reason, we insist to cook each meal separately and keep all nutrients in both solid and liquid forms while we pack. Besides all the health benefits mentioned, our fresh meal patties also help decrease the chances of having diseases that are associated dehydration.

Why does each fresh meal formula contain only one type of meat?

Considering some dogs are allergic to certain ingredients, we purposely isolate each animal protein source so that you may always find patties that are suitable for your babies, and at the same time, patties may be digested more easily. Since each formula contains ingredients with different nutrients and health benefits, we suggest that pawrents alternate various formulas from time to time.

Why are fresh meal patties grain-free? Do they have all necessary nutrients?

Grains are one the most common ingredients that dogs are allergic to. Especially for dogs over 5 years old, it becomes harder to digest some of the carbohydrate-rich food, and the chances to be allergic to grains also increase. Therefore, although there are many great dietary values in grains, we would like to stick to our belief of hypoallergic diet, which is an essential part of the lifestyle to prevent chronic inflammation. In order to have a wholesome mix of each formula, we replace grains with seeds, root vegetables and/or beans that also offer outstanding nutritional benefits.

Why are the ingredients of fresh meal patties cut in small pieces but not mashed?

We understand everyone is unique, but it is more than common that furry babies may be picky eaters or may simply wolf down. In order to ensure all healthy ingredients go into their bellies and to avoid ingestion due to lack of enough chewing, we chop fruits and vegetables into small pieces and mix them with ground meat into patties. As mincing some fruits and vegetables may cause loss of nutrients and fibers that are important in dogs’ wholesome diet, PPB team would rather spend more time to process each ingredient separately and differently instead of mashing everything all at once. Furthermore, while tooth brushing is always important regardless what type of food is fed, we would still like to make sure that all furry babies are given the chance to maintain or develop a good chewing habit.

[ Other FAQ ]

How much does my baby need?

Our regular size fresh meal patty is about 86-92kcal. (Please consult the nutrition label on the product description page for further information.)  According to the activity levels of most dogs in Hong Kong, we would suggest the following feeding guide. As activity levels and health conditions differ, please make appropriate adjustments in response to the changes in weight and waistline.

# of regular patties per meal*
Daily feeding frequency 
under 2
1/2 (1 mini)
2  (1 large)
3  (1 regular, 1 large)
4  (2 large)
5  (1 regular, 2 large)
6  (3 large)
7  (1 regular, 3 large)

*Suggested feeding guide. Please pay attention to any changes in weight or waistline and adjust feeding portions accordingly. We have double-portion patties for sale for environmental protection purpose and for your convenience.

How long are patties good for?

Fresh meal patties are frozen and delivered directly to you via professional cold chain service. Please store them in freezer and consume by the expiration date (30 days after manufacture date) labelled on the package. Please defrost in refrigerator the night before serving and consume within 48 hours. Please avoid from refreezing after defrost.

How do I reheat patties?

Please defrost in refrigerator the night before serving and follow one of the reheat methods below. Please note that heating time may vary.

A. Hot water (recommended): Place fresh meal in its original package into slightly boiling water for 40 seconds or into hot water for 2-3 minutes.  

B. Microwave: Tear the package slightly and heat at high power for 20 seconds. (Packaging materials are microwavable food grade approved by FDA (U.S.).)

C. Place in room temperature for 20-30 minutes. Meals are fresh food without preservatives and should not be kept in room temperature for more than 90 minutes.

How to switch to fresh food?

Some dogs experience stomach disturbance during the transition from commercial food to fresh food. To avoid any major discomfort, we suggest pawrents to follow the following 20-day transition guideline for fresh meal patties. For those with more sensitive stomachs, please slow down the process. 

Current : PPB Patties
Days 1-54 : 1
Days 6-103 : 2
Days 11-15
2 : 3
Days 16-201 : 4

Why do I notice softer or loose stool?

It is normal to experience softer or even loose stool in the transition period from commercial food to all-natural fresh food. The detoxing reactions will typically go away within 3 weeks, and you will see noticeable positive and healthy changes in your furry babies in 1-2 months.

What should I do if my babies don’t like PPB’s fresh food?

Thanks to our Chief QC Officer’s hard work, we are very confident that there is a great balance between nutrients and taste in our collections. However, we understand that it might be difficult for some furry babies that have never tasted anything other than commercial food, which often contains sodium and other flavorings. In such case, we would recommend extending the transition mentioned above, so that your babies may have more time to get used to and to fall in love with our healthy and delicious food. 

In any case, scheduled feeding should be adapted for both dogs and cats. If meals are not consumed with 15 minutes, pawrents should take the meals away and feed again at the next scheduled feeding time. In the long run, scheduled feeding develops better eating habits, and it will be easier for pawrents to identify any changes in babies’ eating habits.

[ 關於肉餅仔 ]

寵腩肉餅仔(狗) 沒加水,那包裝里的汁是什麼?


為什麼寵腩肉餅仔(狗) 每一個配方只有一種主要肉類?


為什麼寵腩肉餅仔(狗) 的配方不含穀物?這樣營養夠均衡嗎?

為什麼使用寵腩肉餅仔(狗) 系列的食材切得很小塊但不磨成泥?


[ 其他常見問 ]


我們的肉餅仔主食基本上一份是86-92kcal (詳情請見個別產品營養介紹)依照亞洲狗狗的活動習慣,建議肉餅仔的餵食分量如下。因每個狗狗的運動量和身體狀況不同,請留意狗狗的體重和腰圍變化調整

2 以下
1/2 (1迷你)
4-82 (1大)
8-133 (1大 1小)
13-184 (2大)
5 (2大 1小)
6 (3大)
30-367 (3大 1小)





食用前一晚請放置於雪櫃解凍。建議使用以下方法食用 (請注意加熱時間或需調整):

A.  熱水加熱 (推薦) :將真空袋直接放入微滾熱水內40秒,或用熱水浸2-3分鐘即可食用。

B.  微波爐加熱:將鮮食包稍撕開少許,以高溫加熱20秒即可食用。 (包裝袋為美國FDA認可可加熱食品質材)

C.  食用前放於室溫20-30分鐘。鮮食為無添加之新鮮食品,請勿放置於室溫超過90分鐘。



目前飲食 : 寵腩仔鮮食
第 1-5 日
4  :  1
第 6-10 日3  :  2
第 11-15 日2  :  3
第 16-20 日1  :  4





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