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About Us 關於我們


Pet Pet Belly (PPB) is a fresh pet food specialist that offers premium handmade products for dogs and cats in Hong Kong. All formulas are not only designed and approved by a veterinarian and nutritionist team in the U.S. but are also tailored to improve pets’ well-being with a touch of natural food therapy inspired by the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine.  Our mission is to assist loving pawrents in enhanced lifestyle and wellness of all furry babies by powering up babies' health with natural and fresh premium food.

“Pets might be a small part of our lives, but to them, we are their whole life!” 

People used to pay less attention to pets’ health or were just way too busy to provide pets with the best lifestyles. However, because of some unfortunate incidents, we started to realize the health hazards associated with low-quality kibbles and canned food.

The main issues include*: 

  1. Additives, chemicals, fillers and preservatives, which may damage pets’ health in the long-run and may sometimes be cancerous, are in commercial pet food to stabilize the “wholesome” formula and to increase shelf life.
  2. By-products and unwanted meat scraps are used in order to lower costs.

Just like we would not feed children with instant noodles or canned food every day, why wouldn’t we provide our pets with better choices?

With US veterinarian and nutritionist’s assistance, we have used the well-balanced formulas to help our own and our friends’ pets improve health and wellness in general over the last few years.

CLICK HERE for story about our Image Ambassador, Mimi. 

After one-year preparation, we are delighted to provide pawrents in Hong Kong with all-natural and human-grade products that are made exceeding international pet food standards. Our collections include 100% HK-handmade, hypoallergenic and grain-free fresh meals and treats that we believe your furry babies will fall in love with.

We give your babies’ health and wellness our top priority and sincerely look forward to serving you and your loved ones! ❤

寵腩仔是依照亞洲寵物飲食及運動習慣,參考五行中醫食療,並協同美國獸醫及營養師多年經驗而打造的優質寵物手工鮮食專家。 我們的使命是,用天然新鮮的優質產品讓毛孩更健康,幫助所有愛心父母為毛孩的生活品味和質量升級。




  1. 為了穩定所謂的全面配方並且增加保值期,加入了傷害健康甚至是可致癌的添加劑和防腐劑。
  2. 為了降低成本,使用來路不明的原料,包含很多品質不良的成分和我們平時根本不會接觸的副產品。



關於形像大使Mimi的小故事,請 按此



The issues are not limited to less expensive products but may also involve several well-known premium brands. (Please refer to articles in the past years for further details.) If, for some reasons, you cannot consider fresh meals, there are selected commercial brands offering higher quality products. In such case, please study the nutrition labels carefully and do some research in advance. There are a few websites that offer quite neutral analyses in the States. Nevertheless, even if you do not purchase our fresh meal products, we would suggest that you spend a bit of your time cooking for your loved ones as that would be the best for their health and well-being.


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