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Fresh Meal Patties 寵腩肉餅仔

Fresh Meal Patties are our premium fresh meal products for dogs. We currently have six single-animal-protein oriented well-balanced formulas, including beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck and fish patties. The veterinarian and nutritionist approved formulas, exceeding AAFCO (U.S.) and FEDIA (Europe) standards, with a touch of natural food therapy inspired by the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, are especially designed to meet the needs of dogs in Hong Kong. Only human-grade ingredients are used, and U.S. human-standard food preparation procedures are adapted at PPB. We cook each meal separately and ensure all nutrients go directly to your furry babies. 

Want to know more? Please see Fresh Meal 101 to learn about the benefits of eating fresh and FAQ for detailed information about PPB's fresh meal patties.



Dog - Patties 狗狗肉餅仔

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