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Healthy Cat Treats 貓貓寵腩零食

Commercial treats usually contain preservatives and artificial flavorings that attract pets but are unhealthy. We would like to extend the wholesome diet to treats, so that we considered the science of nutriology together with the wisdom of Chinese medicine and came up with a series of 100% natural treats. All treats are handmade with human-grade ingredients and are dehydrated at the temperature that is high enough to kill bacteria but low enough to keep the flavors and nutrients in place. PPB treat products include: 1) Herbal Collection – utilizing various types of herbs to improve your furry babies’ health condition; 2) Functional Collection – utilizing different foods that offer supplementary nutritional values; 3) Pure Collection – single-meat (or poultry/fish/seafood) products to satisfy any types of bellies at any time.

(Treats are good for 2 months after manufacture date when stored in a cool and dry place.)



Cat - Treats 貓貓零食

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