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All PPB Products 所有寵腩產品

Pet Pet Belly (PPB) is a fresh pet food specialist that offers premium handmade products for dogs and cats in Hong Kong. While we consider pets’ eating habits and activity levels, all formulas are not only designed and approved by a veterinarian and nutritionist team in the U.S. but are also tailored to improve pets’ well-being with a touch of natural food therapy inspired by the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. All-natural and human-grade products are made exceeding international pet food standards of AAFCO in the U.S. and FEDIAF in Europe. Products include 100% HK-handmade, hypoallergenic and grain-free fresh meals for dogs and healthy treats for dogs and cats. (Stay tuned for further information on new products for dogs and cats.) Our mission is to assist loving pawrents in enhanced lifestyle and wellness of all furry babies by powering up your babies’ health with premium, natural and fresh food. 

Want to know more? Please see Fresh Meal 101 to learn about the benefits of eating fresh and FAQ for detailed information about PPB's fresh meal patties.



All Products 所有產品

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