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PPB X'mas Love - Charity Sale 2020 ❤ 2020 寵腩仔聖誕之愛 - 義賣活動

PPB X'mas Love - Charity Sale 2020

2020 寵腩仔聖誕之愛 - 義賣活動

5 December 2020 - 15 December 2020


☀ Have a Warm X’mas with PPB
☀ 20% Off All Treats & Fresh Meals*
☀ 50% proceeds goes to PUC to help shelter animals

As part of our effort to help animals in Hong Kong, we are happy to announce that we will hold a joint charity sale event with Paws United Charity. 50% of every dollar you spend on any of PPB products will go to PUC at the end of the event.

Please enter Code “XMASLUV20” and enjoy 20% discount on your purchase

Thanks to all loving pawrents for helping us promote an enhanced lifestyle for your furbabies by eating fresh and, more importantly, helping shelter animals have a nice and warm holiday season by supporting this event!

Wish everyone wonderful holidays ahead!

With lots of love,⁣⁣⁣
❤ Pet Pet Belly Team ❤⁣

*Please note that any purchase during the charity sale might take longer time to prepare but should be ready to ship out before Christmas.

 ☀ 請和寵腩仔一起給流浪動物一個溫暖的聖誕節
☀ 所有鮮食和零食8折**
☀ 50%將捐給PUC幫助流浪動物

為了幫助香港的動物,很高興我們將與Paws United Charity(貓狗領養慈善協會)聯合舉辦慈善義賣活動。 在活動結束時,您在任何寵腩仔產品上花費,有50%將捐給PUC。




⁣ 帶著很多的愛~⁣⁣⁣⁣
❤ PPB寵腩仔團隊 ❤


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