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About Mimi, PPB Image Ambassador & Chief QC Officer ❤ 形像大使/品質管理長Mimi的小故事

About Mimi, PPB Image Ambassador & Chief QC Officer ❤ 形像大使/品質管理長Mimi的小故事


I can never forget the freezing day right before Chinese New Year when Mimi and I met on the street.  I spotted the poor little girl covered in dust hiding in a bush. When I got closer, she walked out of the bush slowly and lay down in front of me. 

Just as she let me pet her belly and pick her up, I made a promise to myself that I needed to give her a forever home if she was indeed a stray.

On our way to the vet, she kept shivering but kissed me several times as if she wanted to show her love and appreciation. Even until today, that touching moment is still so vivid in my memory.

The vet could not locate any microchip or record on Mimi and unfortunately found that she was infected with Canine Parvovirus 2. As the infection had become very severe, not only the digestion system could not function properly, her bloodstream and lymphocyte were also damaged. The probability of dying was 80%.

After 7 days of panicking, I was overjoyed at the vet’s good news. Mimi was no longer in critical condition and reacted to the treatment well.

There is always "miracle" as long as we got faith! This was how Mimi got her name.

(Mimi was fully recovered afterwards and no longer carries the virus.)

After 1 more month at the hospital, Mimi finally arrived home with a bit of timidity and a lot of excitement.  She was still recovering and did not have very good appetite, so I mixed canned food with kibbles for her. However, the side effects started to surface after a while. She started to have breath and stool problems and would itch-scratch and itch-bite to the extent that her skin bled and her paws inflamed.

I could not believe as someone who grew up with dogs and cats, I did not recall that my parents used to make family pets fresh meals in Taiwan and in the States.  So I started to feed Mimi boiled chicken breast with rice and was glad to see her itchiness and tear stain disappeared after two weeks. Breath and stool issues were also resolved after one month. There was only one but serious problem left: her latest blood test indicated minor nutrient deficiencies.

With the help from veterinarian and nutritionist team in the Stateswe came up with a series of well-balanced recipes each with more 10 fresh ingredients.
Just several months afterwards, Mimi’s coat became shiny and silky, her body became more toned with increased muscle weight, and her energy level was obviously improved.

All the readings from Mimi’s follow-up vet visit significantly improved and fell in the normal range. Over the years, Mimi has become very healthy and strong. She has been transformed from a 9-pound skinny dog that had trouble putting on weight to a 19-pound healthy girl with very toned body. 

My friends thought Mimi’s transformation was quite amazing but were too busy to consider cooking everyday, so that I started to help a few friends enhance their babies’ health condition with the wholesome formulas a few years ago.

Being able to evidence the health improvements has been extremely rewarding. With the belief that the fresh meals and treats are the best for dogs and cats, I went back to the vets and nutritionist in the States to improve the formulas so that they would be suitable for most pets in Hong Kong.

Although it took over a year to prepare PetPetBelly to better serve the public from getting well-balanced recipes in place to inviting experienced food servicing manager from the States, the preparation was more than essential to us since our promise is to treat your loved ones as our own with the best products and services.

We hope PetPetBelly would be the platform where all loving pawrents may receive assistance in enhanced lifestyle and wellness of all furry babies. May we all have more quality time with our loved ones. ❤








Mimi終於回家了。她有點好奇,但也容易被嚇到。剛開始到家的時候,可能是因為剛康復的腸胃病毒的問題,不太肯進食,只能嘗試給她一些狗罐頭拌乾糧來提起食慾。 但是過了一段時間,後遺症開始慢慢浮現,口腔開始有口臭丶排泄物偏軟和偏臭,而且更甚的是皮膚出現痕癢,經常性不停抓癢而導致皮膚破損和腳掌發炎。








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